Commercial Real Estate Financing in the Time of COVID

One of the biggest challenges we face at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic – and in the aftermath of the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression is this: 

Where will our buyers, sellers and property owners find the liquidity they need to continue building, buying and selling commercial real estate in the times ahead?  Who is going to provide the liquidity that the Industry needs? Who is LENDING?  What are their GUIDELINES now? 

Time to face the facts.  Major national banks and credit unions are pulling back on commercial real estate term lending and construction lending.  Community banks buried by PPP and SBA related loan requests, are pulling back on investment real estate.  Life companies what to reduce exposure and the agencies – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are imposing new underwriting and reserve requirements.   Yields on CMBS are rising.  So are tenant and credit defaults. Translation:  It’s just plain tough to get a loan these days.  

That’s why the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of CCIM Proudly presents a complimentary, extremely timely series of four short courses (15 to 20 minutes) featuring top subject-matter experts as a service to our members, designees and our industry. 

Module 1:  Of Banks and Credit Unions 

  Before and After Spreadsheet.xlsx

Module 2: The Life Company Perspective  

Module 3: Private Debt and Bridge Financing    

Module 4: Agency Debt

 Special thanks to Tim Thomas and Christian Thomas for the production of this valuable presentation! 

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